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Winter Inspiration Shoot {Sweet Carolina Events}

February 27, 2012

My first ever inspiration shoot was held at an old stockroom in downtown Raleigh this past December. It was a project of love, and well…of firsts. I learned a lot from this shoot. That’s seriously an understatement. Below are some of the best photos from the shoot. I may share more over time…but for now, enjoy! Oh, and thank you so much to Taylor for capturing these beautiful pictures, and to Meredith, for being so beautiful in them!
{All photos by Taylor Stading Photography for Sweet Carolina}

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Making Things Happen

February 20, 2012

Photo via Lara Casey
Every cause has its effect. Every action has its equal and opposite reaction. Last week was a good week, with one minor bump. I found out that our inspiration shoot we submitted to Style Me Pretty was not accepted. I knew it was a risk, it being the first planning I’ve been apart of, it being a more winter-themed shoot, and not to mention that they apparently receive over 400+ submissions/week and reject 90% (can you tell I’m trying to justify, hah!). But, what’s done is done and I’m standing at the crossroads of either getting bummed out and quitting, or getting right back up and trying again. I choose the latter. No excuses, no more fear, nothing to stand in my way but myself.
I’ve decided to take a step back and re-evaluate my ideal client, and my goals before I get too deep into Sweet Carolina. I’m a firm believer that to make something extraordinary, you should try your best to stand out from the beginning by being yourself. I wasn’t myself with this shoot, and after some soul searching, I now know this. As good luck would follow, I immediately signed up for the Making Things Happen 2012 intensive in Chapel Hill and am balls to the walls giddy out of my mind exicted!! Anyone in the wedding industry knows exactly how awesome this is, and I am so happy to finally meet so many wonderful, inspiring women, that have taken charge of their careers and lives. MTH 2012 will hopefully open myself to asking some hard questions and making a plan of action for this year and my budding career. I’ve set a lot goals, and I’m going to fail at some. And that’s okay, because that’s the beauty of life. But one day — oh one sweet day, I’ll succeed. After all, Life is too short to play small.
Happy week! xo Nichole

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Lace + Lucite

February 13, 2012

lucite inspiration
Lately, the question on my mind has been what my wedding colors will ultimately be. And it doesn’t seem to be just on my mind as I’ve been asked this question three times in just the last week! I guess it is the next logical step and the foundation to all my planning. When I think about my colors, I instantly think black and white. That’s very much my style and something I still want to stay true to on our day. But of course, there has to be some color in there somewhere…right? And well, the house itself is color. Big yellow house, with every single room a jewel tone. I’m not a jewel toned kind of girl.
Conclusion: no concrete color palate (except the given black and white). Instead, I’ll be going with textures. Over the next few weeks I’ll lay out various pairings of textures and materials that I’ll consider as the theme throughout the wedding. First, I’ll focus on one of my favorites, and possibly the top contender: Lace and Lucite.
black lace decor
Photos via Amanda Wilcher and Hey Gorgeous Events
Half of my style board on Pinterest is black lace. It’s so sexy – yet when paired with our traditional venue, will be quite the striking compliment. I’m thinking lace wrapped vases and votives. Lucite trays lined with lace that the waiters will carry appetizers or drinks on. Lucite coffee tables and end tables in the lounge areas, filled with lace or flowers. Also, I’ve fallen in love with ghost chairs. There is just something about pairing something so modern against something so vintage and antique that makes me swoon.
lucite decor
Photos via Olivia Leigh Photography
So tell me, is the lace and lucite combination a contender?
xo, Nichole

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what i’m loving friday

February 3, 2012

Oh hi, Valentino couture. Won’t you come live in my closet?
Sweet weekend, how I adore thee. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching this week on the blog/event planning front. Good news is, I’m making some headway. I’ve started working with a talented graphic designer on my… BRAND! That word is scary. How do I sum up what I envision my little company to be through colors, fonts and collateral? How do I convey to my ideal client that I am the best person for the job when all they have at first is a glance at my style? It’s a big undertaking, and although I’m probably putting way too much thought into it, I’m happy to say I should have a website up and running by March! But in the meantime, here’s some lovely findings from the week…
Although I love the philanthropic One for One campaign behind TOMS, I never could get around to buying a pair of their shoes. I’m glad I held out for these, they are definitely more my style. Perfect way to mix comfort with chic.
TOMS Ballet Flats
I fell head over heels for this sexy lace robe see on Style me Pretty. It’s the Matinee Kimono robe from Agent Provocateur. I would feel so pretty getting all dolled up for my wedding in this little number. Love everything about it except the $900 price tag…
matinee kimono
I love these DIY tassle escort cards seen over at 100 Layer Cake earlier this month. So much fun, and you can incorporate your wedding colors. Wouldn’t this be a nice photo booth backdrop? Hmm…
This weekend I plan to run at the lake BOTH days, treat myself to some buffalo chicken dip on Superbowl Sunday, and buy a pair of badly needed black heels for work. Sounds pretty fantastic.
Happy weekend!

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