Christmas Card Family Photo Shoot

I decided to skip sending out Christmas cards this year. We have some special gifts we want to give this year and I’d much rather give more than spend money on Christmas cards. Plus, although I love sending them out, it is one more thing that can add stress to my already very full plate. Sometimes things need to go – even good things. So in lieu of a Christmas card, I present to you our Christmas family photos taken by the very talented and lovely Alina Ligia Gathright.

The Blessing of Photographer Friends

This past Spring, my friend Alina reached out to me about shooting some photos of me and the kids. We did an impromptu shoot around our apartment complex on a bright sunny day. The photos were incredible quality! Her editing is so bright and clear. She really captured the kids and even made me feel at ease. As much as I love taking photos and having good photos, I feel like I’m still working on being comfortable posing alone. Yet, she made it easy!

After that shoot, I mentioned wanting her to do our holiday photos so we could have some of the whole family. I offered to pay her and she still offered to do both shoots totally free! This is the benefit of having talented photographers as friends!

***Disclaimer***You should never ask for free photos. Only gladly accept them when they’re offered!

So we made plans to shoot our holiday photos once the leaves changed colors in the fall.

Photo Shoot at E. Carroll Joyner Park

We chose the morning of November 9th, when the leaves were all wearing their fall colors and the temps had dropped to a chilly mid-forties. Alina is the sweetest person! She’s so good with children and so flexible. Even though she has an easy going nature, she also has a clear vision. She’s not afraid to direct you and tell you how to pose. It’s such a relief to have a photographer instruct you on how to pose! At the same time, she allowed plenty of opportunity for us to be our crazy selves. She indulged any ideas for poses we had too.

Just getting to look at some of the shots on her camera, even without editing, was exciting. They were incredible! She spent over an hour with us, getting all different poses and working with resistant, cold kiddos. She treated us with as much care and consideration as any of her paying customers. That reveals to me just how full of character and integrity she is as a businesswoman.

If you’re in the Raleigh, NC area or have a wedding in a surrounding area, you can’t go wrong in working with Alina Ligia Photography. Check out her work and contact her today for your next event or family shoot.

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  1. I love the pics. I love your “passion” for living a Godly life. I love your “step out of the box” attitude. I love the way you love my son and grandchildren! I enjoy your blogs and posts.

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