Learning To Dream Again

A Dream Dies

We all start out wide eyed and innocent, don’t we? As children, we dream and we dream big. We simply believe. Our imaginations are ever developing and we haven’t experienced the harsh realities of life. What did you want to be when you were little? Do you still remember? Have you become that? We always ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Adults often chuckle at the responses of anything from “a superhero!” to “an astronaut!”, a “pro basketball player,” or my personal choice, “a famous singer!” Well meaning parents and teachers eventually break the hard facts to us:

“Not many people make it at that.”

“It takes a lot of hard work to accomplish that!”

“You won’t make any money trying to do that.”

The vast majority of us then realize that we must not beĀ  all that special after all. Our big hopes and dreams are then altered to fit the believable reality of our future. We become teachers, factory workers, accountants, lawyers, managers, etc. Of course there are those who do dream to become some of those things – we certainly need them all! For others of us, we settled for what we thought seemed safe and realistic.

Changing Our Perspective

The responses given to our childhood dreams aren’t really wrong. But what if there is more to be said that we didn’t hear?

“Not many people make it at that – but if you want it bad enough, you can make it happen.”

“It takes a lot of hard work to accomplish that – but I know you can do it if you set your mind to it.”

“You won’t make much money trying to do that – so you’ll have to be creative about ways to support yourself as you pursue that dream.”

Doesn’t that place us in a land of possibility rather than stifled dreams? If you could do anything at all and you knew you could not fail, what would you do? Have you thought about it? Are you unhappy with where you are in life today? Do you know why you are where you are? The most sobering yet freeing realization I ever had was that I alone was responsible for where I was in life. Don’t feel the burden of that responsibility and the mistakes you’ve made that have put you here. Understand that you don’t have to wait on anyone else to change for your circumstance to change. YOU hold all the power. That, my friends, is freedom. You can change your life when you decide to. You have been literally self narrating your life story. Once you’ve realized that, you can take yourself where you’d truly like to go instead of just riding the wave of chance to bring you where you’re destined to be.

Living in Possibility

Think this sounds too naive and childlike to be true? You can just think of what you want and make it come to pass. How can it be that simple or easy? That’s not real life. That’s a dream world. Exactly. It starts with a dream. I believe that all of our dreams and heart’s desires are God inspired. If he gave you that dream, it wasn’t for nothing. He will make a way for you to achieve it if you simply give it to him and trust him to complete that good work in you. With God, ALL things are possible. Oh wait…was that just, moderately difficult things are possible? No. ALL things. ALL. Do you believe God’s word is true? Then you must believe that through him, anything is possible. Nothing is too difficult for him.

Overcoming the Odds

So what about all you realists and doubters out there? Are you still unconvinced? To be honest, I’m surprised you made it this far. I’m also really glad you did because I’m about to appeal to your fact loving minds! How do you think anyone achieved anything great in this world? Was it by accident? Because they were somehow more special, talented or valuable than you? Absolutely not! Here are some great examples (FACTS) of people who were destined to fail, who had every reason to give up but who persisted until they achieved their dreams.

  • Bill Gates’ first business failed.
  • Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four years old.
  • Jim Carrey used to be homeless.
  • Oprah Winfrey was sexually abused and gave birth at age 14.
  • Benjamin Franklin dropped out of school at age ten.
  • Stephen King’s first novel was rejected 30 (!!!) times.
  • Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before creating the lightbulb.
  • Jay-Z couldn’t get signed by a record label.
  • Steven Spielberg couldn’t get into film school!

There are hundreds more stories just like those. Yours could be one of them!

Get Focused on the Right Thing

Even people without faith in God achieve greatness. How? It all comes down to one single word. Yes, first a dream. But we all have dreams. The difference maker is FOCUS. Focus has the power to take a dream and make it a reality. What are you focused on? Are you focused on self doubt, how much you don’t have that you still need, how other people seem happier and more successful than you? What if you could get a laser focus on what you want to happen and then just chose to believe? Regardless of what your circumstances looked like, you just believed for what you desired to come to pass. How much better could your life look 5 years from now? Start today! Awaken those old dreams and uncover some new ones. What do you really have to lose? What’s even more important, what could you gain?

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Amanda is a faith-filled, blood-bought, coffee-loving wife and mom of two. She hails from the bluegrass but currently resides in North Carolina. In a constant state of learning and growth, she seeks to bring understanding and encouragement to others through her writing. Her full-time job is mommy, but she also does additional writing and social media management on the side.

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